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Tesla Powerwall vs LG Chempro

Tesla Powerwall vs LG Chempro

The future is here in Australia with the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Chempro. Home battery storage systems are set to change the way we live and reduce our reliance on the coal fired power stations. So who wins you may ask, the short answer to this is everyone; even your energy retailer.

Quite simply the latest offerings from Tesla’s Powerwall and LG’s Chempro are brilliant as they offer a daily amount of energy storage although they are both expandable and can offer much more benefit at cost. Coupled with a hybrid inverter these battery systems could almost wipe out your bills by allowing you to export power once your battery is fully charged. Your retailer will then ‘on sell’ the power it has bought from you at a much higher rate making money and placing less demand on the grid.

So with a large 6 KW solar panel array and a 5 KW hybrid inverter (LG Chempro Battery Deal) you could charge the Powerwall / LG Chempro and have plenty of daytime energy to use.

Tesla Powerwall 7 kw Battery

  • Storage capacity                                             7 kwh
  • Usable power @ 90% dod                           6.3 kwh
  • Volume                                                            201 cm3
  • Weight                                                             100 kg
  • Power density                                                35 wh/l
  • Cycles                                                              5000
  • Warranty                                                        10 years
  • Power output                                                 2 kw continuous 3.3 kw peak
  • Max Dod                                                        70/80%

LG Chempro 6.4 kw RESU Battery

  • Storage capacity                                           6.4 kwh
  • Usable power @90% dod                           5.8 kwh
  • Volume                                                           45 cm3
  • weight                                                             60kg
  • Power density                                                144 wh/l
  • Cycles                                                             6000
  • Warranty                                                       10 years
  • Power output                                                2 kw continuous 5 kw peak
  • Max Dod                                                        95%

So what do all these figures mean?

Simple deduction, LG Chempro have packed 90% of Tesla’s Powerwall into less than 25% of the space and it packs a bigger punch with its ability to output 5 kw PEAK POWER.

So What Does It All Cost?

Having sourced initial quotes on the the Tesla Powerwall a good quality 5 kw solar with hybrid inverter and Powerwall fully installed after the government rebate costs come in at around $17,000 upwards.

In comparison; the LG Chempro with hybrid inverter and quality 5 kw solar fully installed from $12,000 plus an extra 1 kw of solar panels for free (6 kw in total) as a bonus only to the lucky customers who order through us LG Chempro Battery Deal; – this is without doubt the better deal.find us on facebook

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